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Interdependent Infrastructure: Lessons from pulling ivy

Joni Carley

Jun 02 2011

What does pulling ivy have to do with organizational infrastructure?

Ivy's a great metaphor for exploring interdependency. Every person in your organization is interdependent with everyone else. How consciously you develop those interdepencies determines your culture. Your culture determines your success.

You'll see how ivy's lattice-work growth pattern creates longevity and strength for the plant. Here's some ivy-wisdom you can use to create a more stable platform for your leadership.

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As co-contributor to "Stepping Stones to Success, vol. 1," with Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield and Dr. Denis Waitley; as a coach for successful leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs; and as a speaker, Dr. Joni draws from a unique depth and breadth of experience, ranging from the jungle to the boardroom, from the United Nations to college campuses, and from working with corporate and non-governmental leaders to solopreneurs.

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Interdependent Infrastructure: Lessons from pulling ivy