It's no accident that money and electricity are both called currency. In just a half hour, this podcast delivers unique insight into the world of money as well as an empowering understanding of your place in the economic world. You'll discover how currency does and doesn't flow in your life and in your world. Join leadership coach, Dr. Joni Carley, to unleash the spark of your professional currency.

Sections include:

1. Currency, the yin and yang of money

2. Financial Freedom, including a reading from John Perkins' Newsletter

3. Staying Current with the Currency

4. Business & Currency, including exceprt from the Wharton School Dialogs, University of Pennsylvania

5. Cultural Currency, including excerpt from Wharton School Dialogs, University of Pennsylvania

6. Inspiration Station, with readings from "The Soul of Money" by Lynn Twist

7. Coaching Corner - exercises to help you create your best flow of currency

Music by Stephen Wise, - "Indigo Eyes" from "Love Cures" CD

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Wisdom at Work ↔ Wisdom in the World connects the dots between professional best practices and science, current events, economics, politics, philanthropy, philosophy, ethics, spirituality/consciousness, and human potential/ forward evolution. Wisdom at Work↔Wisdom in the World offers a stimulating, deeper cut on what's going on in the world and how it impacts your professional path as well as the greater good.

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